Yosondúa, a magical place in the Sierra Madre Sur of Oaxaca

The imposing waterfall of Yosondúa is hidden between the mountain range of the Sierra Madre del Sur and surprises anyone who approaches, the site is part of the Yosondúa Natural Park of the Mixteca area. It is located just where the plain ends and a canyon begins, where the view is lost in the vastness of the space full of mist and breeze that causes the fall of the water.

Oaxaca is one of the most mountainous states in the country, in the territory you will find the Sierra Madre Oriental, the Sierra Atravesada, and the Sierra Madre del Sur, it is in the latter where the natural park of Yosondúa is located and which emerges in the middle of the rugged mountain as an oasis in the middle of the desert landscape of the Oaxacan Mixteca.

This attraction of natural formation is part of the history and origin of the native peoples and described in mythical legends, exploring their insides is truly exciting because it shows its own face and a true heart.

Today the indigenous people proud of their environment and culture seek to show the world their wonders and have organized to create this ecotourism project, as expressed by Edilberto Martínez Sánchez, in charge of the commercialization of the Yosondúa Natural Park and a native of the town.

Natural Park of Yosondúa offers not only the spectacular nature of its Natural Cascade called “Esmeralda”, but the route on a suspension bridge of 140 meters in length that joins two mountains and that allows the visitor to observe the wonders of nature that are also appreciated from the viewpoint located at the foot of the waterfall.

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For those who like adventure, the site allows a walk of five kilometers to the river pens, where you can take a dip and enjoy a country and natural breakfast.

There are even trips on mountain bikes to El Vergel, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and enjoy a good lunch with the people of the community, who usually share with the visitor their legends, traditions and customs.

A weekend in the Natural Park of Yosondúa is simply exciting, from the accommodation in the cabins overlooking the Cascada Esmeralda, to participate in a camping area, where besides bonfires, you have the opportunity to enjoy the night beauty with a sky full of stars and surveillance guaranteed by the community.

They have invested some five million pesos in infrastructure, from the construction of cabins, restaurants, trails with stairs, the suspension bridge that is the most impressive after the Waterfall, purchase of mountain bikes for the ride, among others.

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