Are you wondering where to stay in Oaxaca Mexico? Then keep reading. Accommodation in Oaxaca are easily accessible and available for all budgets. There are some luxury hotels, including some international chains, as well as independent luxury hotels, economic, hostels, and some hostels that cater to backpackers who pass through the city of Oaxaca.

Here are some recommendations for where to stay in Oaxaca Mexico. Let us know your favorite place to stay in Oaxaca in the comments section below.

Hotels in Oaxaca City

Oaxaca has a wide variety of hotels that offer their best services to satisfy even the most demanding guests. There are several luxury and cheap hotels in downtown Oaxaca, but if you want to enjoy the tranquility, check out hotels away from the nightlife and bustle of the city. It’s a small town, be we love our parties late into the night.

Hostels in Oaxaca City

There are a reasonable number of hostels in Oaxaca that offer low cost accommodation, mainly for backpackers. The services offered and the prices vary and we suggest that you read the comments left by the previous clients of the hostels to better choose a hostel that suits your needs. Most of the accommodations in the city of Oaxaca are in the center, and usually a few blocks from the Zócalo. The hostels in Oaxaca are an ideal option for those who travel on a budget, and who would like to meet people doing similar activities.

Check out some of these hostels in Oaxaca

Bed and Breakfast in Oaxaca City

Bed and Breakfast in the city of Oaxaca is a concept that is gaining momentum, there are several guesthouses that you can choose from. Bed and Breakfast is ideal for those who stay in the city and want a home-like place to stay, we invite you to check out these options for a pleasant experience.

Check out some of these Bed and Breakfast in Oaxaca

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