Villa de Zaachila

Villa de Zaachila tourism making headway

Villa de Zaachila has a cultural wealth in tangible and intangible vast heritage, being one of the municipalities that the “Magic Route of Crafts” embraces. The tourism industry in this town has huge potential, for this reason, it must have a tourist assistance module.

The President of the Committee in charge of this route in Zaachila, Ciria Vásquez Martínez, said it is important to install a module or visitor center, while offering other recreational activities to tourists who visit the town.

“Villa de Zaachila has a delicious and ancestral cuisine for visitors who enter the magical route of handicrafts to make a stopover in this town, where we can also delight your palate, discover the archaeological site, enjoy a nieve or tour the town.”

In collaboration with the Committee of the artisan route, he thought that the proposal of the tourist information module could be operated by young people who seek to fulfill the social service requirements of high school or university, and so they would also find a benefit from the City Council Municipal, in addition to not having to go elsewhere for their community service, but right here on their own town.

Regarding the proposal and importance of being able to install the tourist assistance module, it was proposed that the old railway station, which is located at entrance of Villa Zaachileña, is a well located place for a tourist information center, a faithful witness of the past of this community, a cradle of the Zapotec culture.

The head of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Ángel Jarim Morales Gutiérrez, explained that the project of a tourist assistance module is a need that is being evaluated, howeverthe department in charge of the municipality already provides information of all kinds on gastronomy and attractive places to visit the community.

It was stressed that the work that the Committee is doing is vital to promote the cuisine of Villa de Zaachila, in fairs, events and every time there is an opportunity because, the culinary heritage of Zaachila, is also a wonderful craft that makes it look strong on the artisan route of Oaxaca.

Morales Gutiérrez said that on several occasions he has issued recommendations to the service providers so that they strive to offer good treatment, accessible prices and human warmth when receiving local, national and international tourism.

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This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.