Tlacolula Market

Tlacolula Market

Tlacolula has its market day ( Plaza Day ) on Sundays; the Tlacolula  market facilities are open all week, on Sundays, however the market explodes to triple its size and extends to the outside of the building, in the surrounding streets to form a huge tianguis that is an ocean of color, sounds and smells. The Tlacolula market on Sunday is a must-see experience.

At the Tlacolula market will find the products associated with this town such as barbecue, yolk bread (Pan de yema), and the wrought iron, and much more. Tlacolula Market on Sundays is full of fantastic food, artisans and colorful plants, dried peppers and seeds and almost anything you can imagine. Many people from the surrounding villages come to buy and sell in Tlacolula on Sundays.

Languages ​​are heard everywhere: Zapotec, Triqui, Chinantec, Amuzgo, Mixe and others that belong to the 16 ethnic groups of the region. Vendors from remote mountain communities go down to the party. They wear their best outfits that help recognize their origin by the colors and design they bring.

The women of Tlacolula look like gypsies, with their flowered blouses and skirts, long braids and colored silk scarves around their heads, sometimes adorned with coins. Although for the inexperienced eye it might be difficult to tell from which people these traditional clothes belong.

The market is located 30 kilometers from Oaxaca City, a town famous for hosting the indigenous tianguis with greater significance in the Central Valleys since prehispanic times.

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