Teotitlán del Valle market

Teotitlán del Valle Market

The town of Teotitlán del Valle is famous for its production of rugs and this is reflected in the Teotitlán del Valle Market, which is, in fact, two independent markets.

Teotitlán markets are full of color and joy, both are located in the Historic Center of Teotitlán del Valle, one of them famous for the typical rugs in the region and the other to offer the products and typical food. The left side of the main church is the handicraft market, with sales of famous artisan rugs made in lambswool (dyed with natural dyes from plants and animals) bags, rebosos, zarapes, hats, keychains and wool dolls. Right side of the church is the Municipal Market selling fruits and vegetables from the region, the typical bread of the people, prepared snacks, among others.

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays are days of Plaza Grande, where all the artisans of the valley come down to offer their products.

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