The art of gastronomy in the Oaxaca Flavors

Recharged and renewed, the Oaxaca Flavors is the new version of El saber del sabor, an annual meeting that gathers chefs and cooks from different parts in the city. The festival will take place from September 27 to 29, in Oaxaca City.

Part of the festival this year includes a circuit of art galleries, traditional cooks and activities in the Mercado 20 de Noviembre, where they expect three thousand visitors.

One of the additions to this year’s event is the invitation to traditional cooks. The host chefs are: Deyanira Aquino, Pilar Cabrera, Celia Florián, Luis Arellano, Rodolfo Castellanos, José Manuel Baños and Alejandro Ruiz.

Among the guest chefs will be: Daniela Soto-Innes, Benito Molina, Guillermo Gonzalez, Mikel Alonso, Gerald Bellver, Enrique Olvera, Eduardo Morali, Juantxo Sanchez, Roberto Solis and Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.

The venues: Pitiona, Casa Oaxaca, Oaxacalifornia, Cultural and Convention Center of Oaxaca, Las Quince Letras, Teca, Origen, Criollo, La Olla and Bialy; Tickets for meals and dinners with four courses by 25 chefs are included in the Oaxaca Flavors Night and will be available on the Boletia website.

Oaxaca Flavors was announced yesterday by its director, Manuel Rivera, who was accompanied by the founders of El saber del sabor: María Saldaña, Graciela Cervantes and Alejandro Ruiz; as well as Juan Carlos Rivera Castellanos, head of the Ministry of Tourism and Oswaldo García Jarquín, municipal president of Oaxaca de Juárez.

“We are sure that Oaxaca Flavors will mark a before and after for all foodies, travelers, locals and people who want to venture to know the wealth of Oaxaca,” he said.

About the author

This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.