Student protests sweep Mexico

Student protests sweep Mexico

Image: Twitter, Hillary Goodfriend New waves of student protest have been erupting in the universities and colleges of Mexico City. Students in all the major universities in the capital have come out en masse in solidarity after 14 students at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) were injured by porros (semi-fascist shock groups) earlier this month.

The protesters have not only called for the attackers to be brought to justice but are now making a stand against societal violence and the insecurity of daily life.

On 3 September, students organising in support of teachers’ protests about low wages, were set upon by porros , leaving 14 severely injured. The victims belonged to the Science and Humanities Faculty of UNAM, which is the largest university in the country. After the attack, there were immediate solidarity protests from the other major universities in the capital: IPN and UAM. On 5 September, the main campus of UNAM was inundated with 40,000-100,000 students calling for justice and for the authorities to reveal the masterminds behind the attack, who are suspected to be the university executives and the right-wing political parties who influence them. The attackers have been identified after intense popular pressure, but the puppet-masters remain unnamed. Revealing the corruption and brutality of the university bosses would escalate the rising tension the state is trying to reduce. Students vs the porros

Porros are paid by the university executives to squash any form of student organisation. They are themselves reactionary students who have historically been used to break up strikes and protests by beating up protesters or vandalising campus facilities in order to intimidate students and create an image of delinquency to discredit the movement as a whole.

They were utilised heavily in the 1980s as a counterinsurgency force by the PRI government. PRI is fused with […]

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