Storms in Oaxaca leave flooding and damaged homes

A storm left damage in the city of Oaxaca, where it caused falling trees and the overflow of streams that flooded homes and neighborhoods.

The State Coordination of Civil Protection (CEPCO) reported that there were no reports of injuries in the aftermath of the storms. The head of the agency, Heliodoro Díaz Escárraga, indicated that a protocol of assistance was activated to the population in which the organization’s brigade members, firefighters and elements of the state security forces participated.

He indicated that in the municipality of San Jacinto Amilpas, six houses were affected by flooding caused by the Chiquito River, and there were reports of rainwater flooding in the “Esmeralda” subdivision.

While in the municipal agency of Pueblo Nuevo, five houses were affected; of which three are located in the streets of Emilio Portes Gil and Clemente Santos of Colonia 9 de Mayo; another one in Salina Cruz street, in front of the galleria of the Manzana 48 B neighborhood and another one in extension of Abelardo Rodríguez.

In coordination with Civil Protection personnel of the Municipality of Oaxaca de Juárez, and with the auxiliary authority Teresa Solano, support was provided to the affected families to safeguard their belongings and clean the houses.

Also, in the facilities of the agency, a temporary shelter was installed to give the inhabitants the possibility to spend the night there.

The head of CEPCO also reported that an operation is maintained in the Mazateca, Mixteca, Costa, and Isthmus of Tehuantepec zone due to heavy rains and hail fall.

About the author

This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.