oaxaca's elevation

Oaxaca’s elevation? Oaxaca City and the state’s highest elevations

oaxaca's elevation

What is Oaxaca’s elevation?

Oaxaca’s elevation of 1,555 meters, or 5,100 feet above sea level. Oaxaca de Juarez, commonly refereed to as Oaxaca City or simply Oaxaca. The highest point in the state of Oaxaca is 3,720 meters.

In the territory of Oaxaca there are three large mountain ranges, namely: the Sierra Madre del Sur, which extends along the Pacific with a length of 1,200 kilometers; the Sierra Madre Oriental -also known as the Sierra de Oaxaca-, with a length of 300 kilometers; and the Sierra Atravesada, which has a length of 250 kilometers.

Highest elevations in the State of Oaxaca

Among the highest elevations in the state of Oaxaca: ”Nube-Qui Yelaag“, with an altitude of 3,720 meters above sea level; the ”Águila“ with 3,380 meters; the “Zempoaltepetl” with 3,280; the “Prieto” volcano with 3,250; the ”Humo Grande“ with 3,250; the “Negro” with 3,200; the Peña San Felipe, with 3,100; the “Verde” with 2,880 and the “Cerro Azul” with 2,300.

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This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.