Oaxacan artisan winners in the National Textile and Rebozos Competition 2018

For their creativity and traditional designs, seven Oaxacan artisans were winners in the National Contest of Textiles and Rebozos 2018, who won the award for the best work, as well as the first, second and third places. and an honorable mention.

With the support of the Oaxacan Institute of Handicrafts (IOA), the Oaxacans participated in this contest organized by the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol), through the National Fund for the Promotion of Handicrafts (Fonart).

The holder of the IOA, Miriam Caraveo Cortes, congratulate the winning artisans who proudly represent the creativity of Oaxaca, whose works are made with dedication and passion.

During the award ceremony held at the National Museum of Popular Cultures, the talent of 57 artisans from 11 states of the Republic was recognized, among them the Oaxacan creators in the cotton, wool, industrial fabric, and rebozo categories.

Elisabet Vásquez Jiménez, artisan originally from La Cañada Tejocote in the municipality of Putla Villa de Guerrero was awarded in the National Contest of Textiles and Rebozo 2018.

The huipil triqui, is the work that won the National Textile Award 2018, woven in waist loom, composed of three canvases, embroidered with multicolored threads and different figures.

“From the age of 8, my mother taught me how to weave and make each huipil with great affection, because it represents the clothing of the Triqui Alta region,” said artisan Elisabet Vásquez.

“I did not imagine winning an award, I feel very proud and motivated. I thank everyone and especially the Oaxacan Institute of Crafts for allowing me to participate and spread our roots, “he said.

Meanwhile, the craftswoman Amada Sánchez Cruz, Pinotepa de Don Luis, who won the first place in this contest said: “I feel very happy, many years I have participated and now I won with a tangle of animals, a piece of gala made in loom waist with natural dye of indigo and purple snail. ”

In the second place was for the artisan Eustacia Antonio Mendoza of Santo Tomás Jalietza, with the band “Tradición de mi pueblo”.

Meanwhile, the third place was obtained by artisans Verónica Esther Mendoza Antonio de Santo Tomás Jalieza with the miniature strip “Weaving DNA”; Josefina Jiménez Matías from Teotitlán del Valle with “Enredo gala rescue” and Alicia Guzmán Hernández from Pinotepa de Don Luis with the piece “Rebozo de algodón con rayas”.

Elsa Abigail Mendoza Antonio obtained an honorable mention with the miniature figure “Fajilla fino tradicional”, Santo Tomás Jalietza.

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