Oaxaca makes the first Mexican organic rum

The first organic rum from Mexico is made in Oaxaca, a land recognized nationally for being predominantly mezcalera. It is called MK and it is produced in a sugarcane municipality of the southern state, called Santa María Tlalixtlac, 300 kilometers north of the state capital.

The drink is already exported to the United States and Canada, but in spite of its quality, it is relatively little known in Mexico. It is until now that it is gaining momentum and making itself known locally, often by word of mouth recommendations.

It is not necessary to be an expert in rums, to verify that it is a drink made in an artisanal fashion. It is the first organic in the country because it was a pioneer in acquiring international certification, in 2006. The smell and taste of the liquor are unique: it really smells like molasses from Creole sugar cane, and sweet notes can be perceived in the mouth that do not have remnants of chemicals.

The history of MK begins 90 years ago. At that time Max Krassel-hence the name of the brand-a German who came to take refuge in Oaxaca while in his home country the crudest stage of the First World War began.

Max perfected his recipe, always using fertilizer-free crops, bequeathed his knowledge to his children and now the third generation of his offspring, that rum has gained the importance that its chemical-free process and its artisanal manufacturing deserve.

Isidoro Krassel now leads the company and he is already completely Oaxacan and closely follows the processes of rum production, to be as close as his grandfather has been for nine decades. Today your product has an international certification that supports their organic status.

After cutting the cane, it is milled, fermented and the distillation is carried out, a process that lasts about 15 days. Later, the liquid is taken to the oak barrels where it is stored for six to 18 months in order to obtain the white rum and the aged rum.

If you live in Oaxaca, there are already many bars in the center of the city where they offer the brand. However, if you reside in Mexico City you can find it in the restaurant bar La Nacional and La Botica, with branches in Colonia Roma and Condesa, as well as in Hostel La Bota in downtown.

About the author

This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.