Oaxaca among the best coffee producers in Mexico

Oaxaca possesses enormous natural wealth; It has a great variety of climates and soils, a product of its complex geography. These characteristics make it one of the most favorable entities for the planting of coffee in Mexico, and for this reason, it is the fourth best producer in the country, having 136 thousand hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of coffee.

Coffee growing has great economic, social and ecological relevance for our state. Currently, it is the livelihood of thousands of Oaxacan families who depend directly or indirectly on this activity, being a great generator of jobs for the amount of labor required to produce and industrialize the 66 thousand tons that are produced annually in the state.

The Secretary of Economy, Juan Pablo Guzmán Cobián declared that Oaxaca will be the first state of Mexico to develop a Coffee Cluster. “A cluster is a link between civil society, companies and academic institutions, which allows us to focus efforts to boost the value chain of the different productive sectors,” he said.

He added that the Government of Oaxaca is responsible for structuring the operation of the clusters, for this, there is a planning in which the three actors involved will participate: coffee producers, academic institutions, and government, with the objective of generating more jobs, social welfare in the regions and positioning of Oaxacan products.

In Oaxaca, soil characteristics, height, and climate allow the cultivation of arabica and robusta coffee whose standards are ideal for its production and commercialization.

In seven of the eight regions of Oaxaca, high-quality coffee is grown: Cañada, Papaloapan, Sierras Norte, Sierra Sur, Istmo, Costa, and Mixteca. The consumption of coffee in Mexico exceeds 88 thousand tons, it is the most consumed drink only after water.

Photo: © Angela Sevin/Flickr

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