oaxaca al gusto
Passionate about the aromas and flavors of Mexican cuisine and after 14 years of work, the British Diana Kennedy compiled the recipes of the traditional dishes of the Oaxacan regions, in the book “Oaxaca al Gusto”. Oaxaca al Gusto compiles more than 300 Oaxacan food recipes, supported in the research she carried out over five...
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queso oaxaca
It is believed that at the end of the 19th century, in the year 1885, a family dedicated to dairy products in the state of Oaxaca had left their 14-year-old daughter, Leobarda Castellanos García, in charge of taking care of curdled milk for the production of cheese. However, the little one forgot that task, leaving...
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oaxaca food
It is very difficult to choose the best Oaxaca food among so many delicacies that you can enjoy… traditional Oaxaca food is very complex, combining flavors, aromas, drinks and even insects. Yes, insects such as the grasshopper are very common in Oaxaca food. But who does not crave a craft chocolate? Oaxaca is highly recognized...
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Benito Juárez market Oaxaca
You will be surprised by the aromas, flavors and traditions that flow through the corridors of the Benito Juárez market Oaxaca. Among all temptations, there are five things that every visitor to the Benito Juárez market must try before going home. Pan de Yema Pan de yema is an egg yolk bread and is one of the...
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afro-mexican cuisine
The traditional Afro-Mexican cuisine, based on seafood, meat, poultry and exotic animals, is composed of a variety of more than 15 dishes that are enjoyed in Afro-descendant villages, located throughout the Costa Chica region of Guerrero. The traditional cooks of the municipality of Cuajinicuilapa, considered the Black Pearl of the Pacific, are identified by having...
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