Oaxaca culture

Oaxaca culture is as fascinating as the land’s natural and cultural beauty and the diversity of its landscapes and people. From its fertile lands comes a huge variety of agricultural and fishing products. Oaxaca has a unique charm and is the state with the greatest biodiversity in the country.

Its capital was designated Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1987 for all its artistic and architectural treasures, where different ethnic groups converge creating the unique Oaxaca culture.

In its main streets you can admire its beautiful museums and religious temples that protect virreinal religious art. The Zócalo, also known as the Plaza de la Constitución, is surrounded by old buildings, whose portals are full of cafes and shops, where people gather to listen to the live marimba. There you can visit the Museum of the Oaxaqueños Painters and the Cathedral, which stands out for its beautiful facade of green quarry.

In addition to its artistic treasures, the greatest wealth of Oaxaca culture lies in its people, who keep alive the traditions that have existed for thousands of years in the Valley of Oaxaca.

Dances such as La Pluma and La Zandunga, the celebrations of the patron saints, the change of civil authorities, weddings, parties of the dead and carnival make the state of Oaxaca a permanent festival, but it is undoubtedly the famous “Monday of the Hill” or “Guelaguetza”, celebrated annually on the last two Mondays of July, is the one that has gained international fame and celebrates Oaxaca culture.

Folk art, pottery, textiles, basketry, goldsmithing, wood carving, metalwork, toys and leather goods are some of its best known works. The black clay of San Bartolo Coyotepec and textiles dyed with natural dyes from Teotitlán del Valle are the best known Oaxacan crafts worldwide.

Oaxacan cuisine is a staple in local culture, where the famous mole is one of its greatest representatives of local food; the pan de huevo (egg bread), called “marquesote”, the chocolate, the cheese and the cecina enjoy national fame.