Oaxaca Buses: Routes, Schedules and Costs:

You can access most places in Oaxaca buses for $7 pesos each way. If you are looking for a map of Oaxaca buses and routes, you may have learned by now that you are out of luck. It doesn’t exist. Buses in Mexico cities are owned by the drivers, they are sub-contractors, bus systems are not managed by the government, they are managed by transportation unions with minimal government oversight. Because of this, there is no reliable collection of data and information. It is always best to ask your hotel front desk or Airbnb host for instructions on getting around using the Oaxaca buses from the location you are staying.

Collectivo Taxis Oaxaca

Collective Taxis are taxis that have established routes that go from Oaxaca to the colonies and nearby communities. Collective taxis are faster than the bus and only a little more expensive (a typical fare is around 15 pesos), you can take buses in certain ‘stops’, which are not officially marked and it is usually possible to stop one in almost any place by flagging them down. Remember, these taxis have routes, they do not take you door to door and are not permitted to drive off their assigned route. Don’t try to give them an address and expect door-to-door service. Collectivo taxis are a maroon and white color and have their destination on the front windshield of their car.

Standard Taxis (Yellow Taxis)

Taxis are available in the city of Oaxaca and it is easy to access one; there are also several taxi sites that can be called or hired on the site. Taxis to the airport are also available at special rates and there are some companies that specialize in taking people to the airport. Some hotels and tourist areas, like Monte Alban, will offer to call taxis for customers, be warned that any time you call a taxi your price increases 80-100% for call service. It’s much better to flag down a taxi on the street. Meters are not used and prices are different driver to driver, so always ask. Prices also increase 25% in the evenings. You should not plan on paying the same cost for the same route each time. Ask, ask, ask.

Suburvans: Traveling to Neighboring Towns

The Suburvans are similar in many ways to the collectivo, except that they make longer trips. The Surburvans are a good option to get to the Coast from the city of Oaxaca, since they are faster and cheaper than the bus; however, this route has a tendency to dizzy passengers because the road has many curves. You can also take surburvans to other cities in Oaxaca that are further away from the Central Valleys.