Earthquake alerts in Oaxaca are 100% operational

Fifteen years after its creation, the Seismic Alert System of Oaxaca operates optimally. For this purpose, it has 36 sensors that capture the seismic waves, 11 relay towers and 13 siren speakers in the state capital.

According to the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca (CEPCO), there are 3,832 “Sarmex” Seismic Warning Receiving Radios located in schools, public buildings and hospitals, among others, which operate at one hundred percent.

The head of CEPCO, Heliodoro Díaz Escárraga, stressed that the Seismic Alert System of Oaxaca is linked to the Alert System of the country, because the most active seismic zones are located in the state, as well as Chiapas and Guerrero.

“The Oaxaca Alert System provides service to 11 states in the country, as well as Mexico City, so this system must have a federalist and national component,” he said.

Earthquake alarms in Oaxaca will be tested on October 19

On September 7 – during the First Extraordinary Session of the State Council of Civil Protection “Oaxaca is standing” -, the National Coordinator of Civil Protection of the Secretary of the Interior, Luis Felipe Puente Espinosa, announced the Integration of the National Seismic Network, for this purpose, $245 million pesos have been approved for the maintenance, installation and integration of the network, which will be shared with the states.

Oaxaca will benefit since the maintenance of this alert system in the city will be supported by the Federation.

Díaz Escárraga expressed his approval for this decision since currently, the maintenance of the system is under the responsibility of the Government of Oaxaca. “Now the other states that benefit from the Seismic Alert will participate in the proportional distribution of the cost thereof,” he said.

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