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Three deaths reported from dengue in San Juan Jaltepec, Oaxaca

Authorities of San Juan Jaltepec, belonging to the municipality of Santiago Yaveo, announced that since the beginning of August, dengue and has already killed three people, including a child nine years of age.

In an official letter addressed to the Coordinator of Health in Oaxaca, Benito Martínez Bautista and Ramón Ángel Molina, municipal agent and president of the Commissariat of Communal Property of Jaltepec, respectively, reported the situation that has affected 150 people, which 90 were sent to the Hospital de María Lombardo, but a total of three people have died.

According to the authorities, people who have already died due to a possible hemorrhagic dengue are Edvin Israel Valentín Cipriano, aged 9; Miguel Pazos Maldonado, 47, and Apolinar Soledad Severiano, 28 years old.

They assured that the doctor of the health center of the community, Irving Eloy González, already requested special medicines to attend the illness but to date, they have not been provided it to him.

They denounced the bad treatment and discrimination of the staff and patients of the María Lombardo hospital by the government, in addition, they stated the place is overrun with the sick and are being cared for on the floor.

Authorities have demanded the State Government and the Services of Health of Oaxaca to send a medical brigade to help care for the patients in the community and that they are desperate need of medicines to take care of the situation.

For its part, the Ciarena organization joined the demand and called for the emergency to be addressed as soon as possible.

San Juan Jaltepec is located 352 km east of Oaxaca City

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