Day trips from Oaxaca

Day trips from Oaxaca – Explore the surrounding villages

Oaxaca de Juárez is an impressive city, but its surroundings are not far behind. You can do many day trips from Oaxaca. The options are so varied that there is something for everyone: handicrafts, archaeological sites, natural spaces and ancient monasteries, among others.

So that you do not miss anything during your stay in the area, we have prepared this list with some of the places that can be visited during the day from Oaxaca. This area of Mexico is well worth several days of exploration, as you will see below. In addition, all places can be visited independently with public transport.

Day trips from Oaxaca

San Martín Tilcajete: a large part of the inhabitants of this small town is dedicated to making alebrijes, wooden figures decorated with bright paintings that are true works of art. Located about 45 minutes from Oaxaca de Juarez, it is worth taking a walk through its workshops. There you can learn the long process that leads to the creation of these figures. The workshop of Jacobo and María Ángeles is especially impressive.

Dominican monasteries: On a long day trip from Oaxaca de Juárez you can visit some of the old Dominican monasteries that dot the area known as Mixteca. Specifically, in a day it gives time to know Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán and San Pedro and San Pablo Teposcolula or the monasteries of San Juan Bautista Coixtlahuaca.

Cuajimoloyas: Located at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, Cuajimoloyas is located in the middle of the Sierra Norte de Oaxaca. The journey of just 2 hours from the capital transports us to another world, where nature is the protagonist. Here you can do all kinds of activities, from hiking to zip lines, and horseback riding.

Mitla: The archaeological ruins of Mitla, 50 kilometers from Oaxaca de Juarez, are well worth a visit. Although there are several remains scattered throughout the town, those that are more worthwhile are those located on the other side of the church. Here the palace of the Zapotec leaders of the valley is conserved, being able to enter the rooms, decorated with geometric reliefs in color. You can also descend to a couple of tombs, although they do not have much and it is not recommended for those who have claustrophobia.


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Hierve el Agua: One of the most popular places among the inhabitants of the region during the weekends, Hierve el Agua has calcareous pools in the middle of the Sierra. A show that nobody should miss, whether you want to take a dip with views or not. In addition, the way there is spectacular. Mix a visit to Hierve el Agua and Mitla on the same day as you need to pass through Mitla to arrive at Hierva el Agua.

Teotitlán del Valle: the Wool carpets have given national fame to this small town in the valley of Oaxaca. Each house is practically a workshop and there are countless shops where you can buy them. In addition, there is a rotary handicraft market in the plaza. It is also worth a visit to the small museum in the town, which has some archaeological remains and interesting explanations about the wool process, the manufacture of rugs and the customs of the area.

Sunday market in Tlacolula: With one of the most colorful and boisterous markets in the region, Tlacolula dresses up every Sunday. Both buyers and sellers of all the towns of the valley of Oaxaca come together in this market. It is not oriented to tourists, although you can find a souvenir. And even if you do not want to buy anything, you can always take advantage of delicious gorditas.

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San Bartolo Coyotepec: Black clay pottery is the specialty of this small town. The workshop of Doña Rosa, the inventor of this technique, has numerous examples of what can be done with black clay.

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San José del Pacifico: A visit to San José del Pacifico takes about 3 hours each way and $100 ($6 USD) pesos by air-conditioned tourist van. This is one of my favorite day trips from Oaxaca. The small mountain village is known for its psychedelic mushroom usage and for mountain hiking. One of the wonders of San José del Pacifico is to watch the clouds engulf the village every afternoon between 4 pm and 6 pm. The village is small and can be enjoyed with lunch in about 2 hours. You can also take a short taxi ride to the neighboring village of San Mateo. Mountain cabin rentals can be found for about $10 a night for a romantic evening in the mountains. Van services run between Oaxaca City and San José del Pacifico every 30 minutes.

As you can see, there is no way to get bored in Oaxaca. Even from the same city, it is possible to spend several days entertained with excursions to the most varied places. In addition, some of these sites can be visited together in one day, such as Mitla and Hierve el Agua or San Martín Tilcajete and San Bartolo Coyotepec. To know more about each of these places and how to visit them, explore more of our website.

Conclusion, if you travel to Oaxaca de Juarez you are in luck because you will not only be able to enjoy an impressive colonial city but you will also have the opportunity to visit other fascinating places. There are a few day trips from Oaxaca that are very worthwhile.

What day trips from Oaxaca are your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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