Corruption prevents the restoration of the Atoyac River in Oaxaca

With the slogan “All for the river”, in the framework of World Environment Day, representatives of civil associations and ecologists, carried out the First Festival of the Atoyac River.

Through the water ritual, the participants called on society, in general, to join the rescue efforts of the 4 elements vital for survival, especially for the rescue of the Atoyac River, considered as the aorta artery of Oaxaca.

“The projects of wastewater treatment plants of governments do not work because they were always seen as a business and not as a solution to avoid pollution, we do not require billions of pesos to rescue the river, but concrete actions with the support of the citizens,” said ecologist Francisco Verástegui.

He explained that in the face of the contamination that currently exists in the Atoyac, and the lack of operation of the treatment plants, “corruption everywhere has prevented the rescue of the tributary, an example of this is the plant that is located in the Tequio that had an investment of more than $200 million pesos and does not operate properly “.

“Now that the river is polluted, authorities only want to rescue it if they get $6 or $7 billion pesos, but this is incorrect, a river is cleaned like a staircase, it starts from top to bottom, and the Seine River was cleaned in Paris in the 60s when there was no modern apparatus, so many rivers in Europe have been cleaned and remain so, but the strategy is not to spend billions of pesos, the strategy is to start where the river is born in Telixtlahuaca, Huitzo and Suchilquitongo “.

He said that if they do not start their rescue immediately, “in a few years the heart of Oaxaca will collapse, if the state is united and the federation is willing to do it, it does not take many resources as the authorities, to date they have not moved a finger,” he said.

Nazario García Ramírez, of the Collective of Environmental Organizations of Oaxaca, added that after the works that have been done for many years, “it has been possible to awaken many consciences so that one day we can see a clean and healthy river”.

“We are pleased that civil associations and the authorities have already shown their interest in saving the river, one of the most important jobs that have been carried out is the protection that was promoted, and that was obtained by the members of the Indigenous Strategic Litigation”, he said.

About the author

This article was written by Ian Hayden Parker, Oaxaca Life staff writer, the leading source for English news in Oaxaca, Mexico.