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Hola! My name is Ian Hayden Parker and I created this website to offer you some information about living and visiting Oaxaca, Mexico. I have lived in several cities in Mexico for the last decade and have dedicated this site to my knowledge about Oaxaca, Mexico.

We are all different and have different life experiences, this site informs you about MY experience with living in Oaxaca, yours could be very different, just as the rest of your life and experiences have been unique to you. You can use this information as a guide to help you, along with other research and speaking to other people, but don’t consider my experience as common or a reference to how your life might be if you live in Oaxaca.

I am not a specialist in relocating or travel booking, therefore I won’t reply to any questions asking for advice on moving or traveling to Oaxaca. Everyone’s experiences and needs in life are different, I don’t want to be the one responsible for giving bad advice because I don’t understand your personal situation completely.

There are businesses that specialize in relocating to Mexico or travel agencies that can help you with vacation plans. Those professionals keep up with all the latest legal requirements, real estate trends, and other things that I haven’t needed to consider for the last decade, and the laws change very frequently in Mexico. Moving to Mexico today is a completely different process than what I took a decade ago, and I am not educated on that process as it stands today.

I travel a lot in Mexico and share my photos and experiences on my personal Facebook Page, you are welcome to ‘Friend’ me on Facebook and keep up with my adventures. (My Personal Facebook Page) You can also drop me an email below, but if you ask me for advice on moving or traveling to Oaxaca, I won’t be able to help you. I would recommend services from MexExperience, you pay them for consultations and paperwork needed to relocate to Mexico. Their team keeps up with current laws because that’s their job, I don’t keep up with that. Book a consultation with them on their website. I even sent my own mother to them when she wanted to move to Mexico and I didn’t feel comfortable offering her advice.

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