3 million turtles expected to arrive on Oaxaca beaches in the next 2 months

According to the reports of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), between September and October, the arrival of at least 3 million turtles is expected at the two sanctuary beaches of Oaxaca.

The federal agency reported that each turtle spawns about 100 eggs in their nests, however, it is estimated that only one of the offspring that are born reach adult life.

This implies a great effort that citizens must take into account to ensure the preservation of the species and avoid a new ecocide, explained the delegate of the Profepa in Oaxaca, Nereo García García.

“We have Playa Escobilla and Morro Ayuta, one as a sanctuary and the other as an index beach. These two beaches exceed 3 million in spawned,” said the federal official.

He also indicated that it also protects the leatherback turtle, whose species come to spawn in Barra de la Cruz, and involves double effort and coordination with other agencies.

He explained that so far, since the turtle arrival season began last July, there are three arrivals to Playa Escobilla and two to Morro Ayuta.

Profepa personnel, together with the Navy, carry out beach surveillance work, however, they have encountered resistance from local inhabitants who do not agree with the operatives arguing necessity to live, since they resort to the looting of the nests for the eggs.

“That’s why we also have roadside surveillance along with the Federal Police.”

Last week, in the Oaxacan coasts, in Barra Navidad, in the jurisdiction of Santa María Coloteopec, more than 300 turtles were found trapped and suffocated by the use of prohibited fishing gear, supposedly used by river fishermen. The news made international headlines and was classified as an ecocide, given that the turtle is considered an endangered species.

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