October 13, 2018
Zapoteco Language Preserved Thanks to Didxazapp
Mexico’s indigenous language diversity is under threat due the overwhelming predominantly-used Spanish language, but young people like Gonzalo Santiago Martinez are doing their best to preserve their heritage by using new apps. Martinez created Didxazapp, the ‘word app,’ to translate Spanish to the Isthmus Zapoteco (or Didxaza), an Oto-Manguean indigenous language from Oaxaca, in 2016....
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Potter — the act of turning earth into clay and transforming its properties with fire — is one of humankind’s earliest inventions. Throughout history, certain techniques and styles have been particularly coveted, including Japanese raku ware, Turkish Iznik pottery, Persian earthenware, Italian majolica, Dutch delftware and Native American pottery. The secret of Chinese porcelain making,...
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The National Seismological Service reported that at 8:32 pm this Saturday, two earthquakes of magnitude 4.7 were registered, in Ometepec, Guerrero, and Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca. In the Twitter account @SismologicoMX, in two messages, they reported that the Pinotepa Nacional earthquake in Oaxaca was recorded at 20:32:11 hours, 23 kilometers southeast of that municipality, at a...
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