October 12, 2018
missing people mexico
Mexico officials confirmed Tuesday that there are 37,485 people disappeared in the country, 340 of which have been declared dead. Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete while unveiling the new “National People Search System”, announced the number of missing persons in the country as the most updated one. But he also mentioned that the data might be...
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child marriages mexico
Mexico’s Senate urged governments and state legislatures to prohibit marriages or unions between minors, as it is a practice still recurrent in the country. They called states to reinforce in their legislation the provisions prohibiting marriage between minors under 18 years of age, with regard to what is established in article 45 of the General...
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day of the dead oaxaca
Keeping Mexican traditions alive, Oaxaca will hold the first Day of the Dead costume contents in the city as part of the holiday activities, which are celebrated from October 25 to November 3, 2018. Under the slogan “Accept it, you die from living”, the local administration announced the call for contest participants to take part...
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