October 2, 2018
This Is How You Drink Through Oaxaca
It was my first night in Oaxaca and my third mezcal; Ulises Torrentera, owner of the tiny mezcalería , In Situ, was pouring me a glass from one of his 180 bottles of mezcal, each labeled with a dangling paper tag marked with the name of the maguey plant from which it is made. It...
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Local Communities in Mexico Show Ways to Fight Obesity
Manuel Villegas is one of the peasant farmers who decided to start planting amaranth in Mexico, to complement their corn and bean crops and thus expand production for sale and self-consumption and, ultimately, contribute to improving the nutrition of their communities. “Amaranth arrived in this part of the country in 2009, and some farmers were...
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Traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico for a Weekend
This multicultural hub in the highlands of Southern Mexico is known for its mild climate, rich culinary and craft traditions and complex history. Even as strong earthquakes have shaken the region, the centuries-old city of Oaxaca remains largely unrattled. In the shadow of Monte Albán, the hilltop capital of the Zapotec civilization, this multicultural hub...
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