May 17, 2018
Alebrijes of Oaxaca
  A little on the history of the Alebrijes of Oaxaca: Its origin is due to a strange dream that Pedro Linares had when he became seriously ill in his early 30’s. Hanging between life and death, Linares could not avoid suffering from hallucinations, one of which allowed him years later to become one of...
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traffic signals
The Municipal Highway Commission of Oaxaca continues with the implementation of “Uno por Uno, Primero el Peatón”, which is enabled in downtown streets and the Reforma colony. The English translation is “One by One, Pedestrians First” as the program slogan. The head of the department, Felipe Reyna Romero, said that to date 25 intersections have...
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oaxaca green pottery
Just outside of Oaxaca City, there survives a pottery town made up of 5,781 inhabitants who, despite their extreme poverty, still fight to sustain an activity inherited from centuries ago: the Oaxaca green pottery. A scarce 9 kilometers to the northwest of Oaxaca City, located between plain and mountain, rests the colorful town of Santa...
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legend of Donají
According to the Oaxacan legend of Donají, when Oaxaca was dominated by the Zapotecs and Mixtecs, King Cosijoeza, sovereign of the city of Zaachila, had a daughter who was given the name of Donají, which means “Big soul”. After Mixtecs and Zapotecs battled the Mexica who tried to conquer the Oaxaca region to annex it...
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oaxaca food
It is very difficult to choose the best Oaxaca food among so many delicacies that you can enjoy… traditional Oaxaca food is very complex, combining flavors, aromas, drinks and even insects. Yes, insects such as the grasshopper are very common in Oaxaca food. But who does not crave a craft chocolate? Oaxaca is highly recognized...
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