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In defense of biodiversity, the Judicial Branch of the Federation granted an appeal to the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA), against specific criteria of the Pacific Marine and Regional Ecological Ordinance Program. The objective is that they be reformed and effectively contribute to protect the populations of loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) that are in danger of extinction. With this, the legitimate interest in the demand is recognized, considering that...
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Yagul Archaeological Site Yagul flourished after the fall of Monte Albán; Later, after a short abandonment, the area resurfaced again to become a city-state, in […]
Etla market

Etla Market

Etla Market The Etla market is a relatively small market near the center of Villa de Etla. The market is similar to most other markets […]
Mitla archaeological site


Mitla Archaeological Site The Mitla archaeological site is located in the state of Oaxaca, a town where evidence of an important Zapotec population has been […]
Tlacolula Market

Tlacolula Market

Tlacolula Market Tlacolula has its market day ( Plaza Day ) on Sundays; the Tlacolula  market facilities are open all week, on Sundays, however the […]
Zaachila Market

Zaachila Market

Zaachila market The Zaachila market is held every Thursday and is the most traditional of all the tianguis, since it is completely outdoors, there are […]
Lambityeco Archaeological Site

Lambityeco Archaeological Site

Lambityeco Archaeological Site Monte Albán is one of the most representative archaeological sites in Oaxaca; but also throughout the Central Valleys other sites that were […]